Websites & the philosophy of social marketing

In the ever-changing industry, social networking is becoming more and more valuable to a client.

Welcome to the new world of the web, one where your website will become a gateway to a community of potential viewers. Think of it as a first impression as you will, and that impression must present your company correctly and professionally.

But is it enough?

Marketing studies have shown the more a website updates, the more users will view it. In addition to this, viewers will generally browse for longer, look at more products, and navigate through more pages.

With social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Blogs, what started off as a fad has turned into a networking phenomenon. Even something as simple as an RSS feed on a website, which updates information on the go, can attract more potential customers.

Customers who sign up to a company’s Facebook or Twitter fan page will receive new updates first, before anyone else, and sometimes be eligible for special promotions and offers. While the customer doesn’t have full control of the company, what they gain from it is a sense of belonging and ownership.


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